Protect your goods and merchandise from the various risks they run during transport

Cargo insurance

The proliferation of international trade, the growth of navigation, the multiplication and diversity of perils, the importance of capital employed are factors among others that are at the origin of the development of transport insurance.

NASR has a large experience in dealing with marine and transport insurance which explains its place and role as leader of the Mauritanian market. It also benefits from a good reputation and an appreciable image to continue to earn the trust of its partners. The transport insurer, partner of international trade operators, has the role of guaranteeing them against the financial consequences resulting from events occurring during transport:

Loss and damage caused to transported goods:
Marine cargo insurance: to cover material loss and damage, as well as loss of weight or quantity caused to insured goods being transported by sea and possibly land or air transport, ancillary to maritime transport. Land insurance on cargo: to cover goods handed over to transport auxiliaries, to be entrusted to public rail or road carriers. Insure carriers by land against all damage, loss, disappearance and theft suffered by these goods. Aviation cargo insurance: to cover material loss and damage, loss of weight or quantity; disappearances and thefts suffered by the insured goods during the journey.

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