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Claims Management

The Claims Department mobilizes all the resources necessary for the constitution of your files as well as for the study of all your claims.

Motor Claims

Following an accident, at Nouakchott, the procedure consists of alerting our prevention department on the number 46 41 22 52 who will be on the scene at the same time as the authorities in charge of the accident report. For your claim, all you have to do is submit a transaction request to our Bureau d'Ordre along with the report from the police or the gendarmerie, and possibly an estimate if it concerns material damage. Our services will establish an expert report determining the amount of damage assessment.

For bodily injury, there are two scenarios:
a) In the event of an injury, the victim will undergo a medical assessment, which will be carried out by our medical advisor, in order to determine the IPP and the ITT which will serve as the basis for the assessment of the injury.
b) In the event of death: the representative of the beneficiaries must provide, in addition to a transaction request, the following elements:

  • A police or gendarmerie report
  • A death certificate
  • An act of inheritance
  • A notarized power of attorney from all the heirs

In each of the above cases, the examination of the files will not exceed a period of 7 days at the end of which a proposal for compensation will be communicated to the victims or their heirs. After acceptance, the payment will take place 48 hours after the signing of an act of withdrawal.

Health claims

After having taken out a health insurance policy, we provide you with a medical questionnaire which will be completed by the insured person (the employee), they will answer the questions for themeselves, for their spouse and their minor dependent children.
An identification card (health card) will be issued for each insured person. It will include the photos of the insured and the members of their family. Our network of service providers applies third-party payment: the patient will only pay the co-payment, that is to say the percentage that is his responsibility.

Other lines of business

In the event of a claim, the insured is required to declare it as soon as they become aware of it and at the latest within the period set by the contract. Our expert will go to the scene and draw up an expert report determining the causes and the extent of the damage. Based on this report, an assessment of the damage will be made and submitted to the Insured for approval. After acceptance, payment will take place within 48 hours.

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