Protect your investments and those of your partners



Through its experience in buildings and public works insurance (roads, buildings, etc.) and the quality of its services, NASR allows you to build the future with complete peace of mind.
From the “Construction All Risks” contract to the “Decennial Liability”; our products meet all the insurance needs of all construction professionals.
We therefore secure all stages of construction, from design, during the works, until their completion, at the reception and during a period of ten years.

Protect your plant and construction machinery

This kind of equipment often represents a considerable part of the capital of a company. In the event of major damage following a disaster, it can be the cause of a sudden drop in turnover. The company is then obliged to carry out repairs or replacements, whatever the cost, while its financial reserves do not always allow it to cover such costs.
the production of your business depends directly on the proper functioning of your materials and equipment.
We offer you the possibility of setting up an insurance contract to finance the repair or replacement of your work tools following a accidental damage.

Business interruption

While most industrialists guarantee the replacement of their goods after a disaster, few among them think of covering the financial losses due to the stoppage of activity caused by this disaster. However, there is an insurance cover adapted to this situation.
Thanks to your property damage insurance:

  • your buildings are rebuilt
  • your machines replaced
  • your stocks reconstituted

  • However, it will take time for the company to return to normal activity: drop in turnover, persistence of permanent overheads...
    Business interruption insurance is intended to restore the company to the financial situation it would have been in had the loss not occurred.

    Product Loss

    Compensation of the amount of the loss resulting from damage due to deterioration, rot or contamination of the goods stored in the cold rooms in the event of accidents affecting the refrigeration installations.
    The loss is covered when it is the consequence damage affecting the installations insured by a Machinery Breakdown contract.

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